At NCC, we have applied the expertise we have accumulated thus far in hospital and surgical clinic management consulting to assist in distribution of 7000 different products related to medical, nursing care, health, and beauty. We make use of a pipeline with suppliers in Japan and around the world that we have built from these activities to provide Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) support directed to each individual seller.

In today's age, there is a multitude of different sales techniques and customer needs. Therefore, the method commonly used up until now of purchasing only national brand products does not allow you to distinguish yourself among other sellers, leaving little prospect for sales expansion. However, the reality is that purchasing private brand products entails numerous hurdles, including development costs and a limited timeframe for development, which make the adoption of such products difficult.

At NCC, we provide support to each seller to enable them to supply truly original products that bring in a real profit. In addition to supply at low cost, we enable development of high performance products through our unique medical field related manufacturing routes, and enable you to cover inventory risk involved in production of small-sized lots. In addition, we provide total production services including creation of promotional materials required for marketing and building of appeal with the maximum effect through mastery of related laws and regulations.

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